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For me to apply as a Senate Candidate there is a $2,000aud application fee 
plus you must meet certain qualifications under various sections of the Australian constitution (refer here )
Those who wish to donate towards Graham Healy's application for SENATE candidate as Lead Senator for Rise Up Australia Party may do so in the following pay pal account :

Donate to Graham Healy

Direct Transfer to:
Senate Candidate Graham Healy
Nab BSB 084-263
Account 70-038-5554

Receipts Issued on request via email
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(not tax deductible)
see Notes below GH

Please Tag Donations:
also pay pal will give me your address and name and details.(which will be all held in complete confidence.)
NOW IF I GET ELECTED INTO THE SENATE I WILL REFUND ALL DONATIONS BACK TO THOSE WHO SUPPORTED ME within the first few months and I will keep you informed via email and mobile sms personally of progress and keep you on my 'inner circle' supporters list and sincerely thank you for showing confidence in me .
Currently I am studying as a student at University as a Dr of Chiropractic (Clinical/med science) and Ausstudy is just survival money at the moment so any donations will help relieve financial stresses , of course when I get Elected the Senators Salary will be more then enough to move forward and continue the fight to 'Rebuild Australia to its God given potential'
I will keep a list of all donations on a list for my reference purposes and issue a (non tax deductible) receipt if required .
Believe me 2019 Fed Election is critical in the Future of Australia and I have decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT rather then just 'talk about it' and as far as I can see the balance of power in the Australian SENATE will be the key to securing the Future. yours faithfully,
Graham Healy.      


For direct donations(Tax deductible) to Rise up Australia party and membership click the map of Australia above to be redirected to RUAP main site