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Down load the PDF Flyers and print out and distribute we need to re-educate and de-program the masses 
(all the flyer information can be back referenced to tis web site where the studies can be downloaded)

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Note: Graham Healy is not contending for senate 21may 2022

If you whish to support or donate to help with costs of maintaining this web site please tag the donation as web site maintenance (receipts on request)


  1. I need 100 names & addresses to register with the AEC
    Australian Electoral Commission)

  2. $2,000 aud to register as independent candidate 

  3. I can legally support Craig Kelly as PM United Australia Party & Justin Knudson member for Brisbane 

  4. Funding & donations support for Graham Healy is treated separately so my supporters are FOCUSED on Graham Healy as a INDEPENDANT SENATOR (for checks & balances)]

  5. If I get elected then I support Craig Kelly as PM and use my independent Status to keep the checks & balances of bills passed to the upper house in the SENATE which is a house of review like the board of directors are in a company.

  6. Extra funding for advertising, google adwords and my own banners, flyers etc I estimate a budget of $5,000 aud so supporters can contribute towards these costs 

  7. Finally is I get elected and get 4% of the vote the AEC refunds all itemised expenses and then if this happens I am happy to refund my supporters at a special supporters function afterwards at the yum cha restaurant Indooroopilly Brisbane west. 

Just repeating the above, for me to apply as a Senate Candidate there is a $2,000aud application fee, plus I have to do google advertising and hold meetings to EDUCATE & MOTIVATE people I guess the target for support funding would be $5,000Aud ($2,000 application fee the the Electoral office plus $3,000 allocation for advertising and meetings hall hire etc.) 
ALL SUPPORTERS WILL RECIEVE A RECEIPT ON ALL FUNDS DONATED AND MY GUARENTEE THAT IF I GET ELLECTED TO THE SENATE I WILL HOLD A FUNCTION FOR ALL SUPPORTS AND REFUND ALL DONATIONS (THE REALITY THE AEC (Australia Electoral commission) refunds your expenses IF YOU GET ELECTED  and get 4% of the vote) if I DO NOT then you have invested your money into a good cause with somebody  who was prepared to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT at the highest level, WE ARE AT A TURNING POINT IN AUSTRALIA'S HISTORY! 
yours truly Graham Healy  
plus you must meet certain qualifications under various sections of the Australian constitution, federal police security checks, clear section 44 of of the constitution etc  (refer here ) 
Those who wish to donate towards Graham Healy's application for SENATE candidate as a Independent Senator for Queensland in the May 2022 Federal Elections may do so in the following pay pal account :

Graham Healys Intro Part 2.png

Graham Healy's (Intro part 2)

Graham Healy's (Intro part 1)

Graham Healy's earlier video

Support Graham Healy as an ADVOCATE 
Peter A McCullough _ USC Journal.png
Peter A McCullough _ USC Journal.png

Please sign above and email

Please sign above and email


1) amount ? >>>

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Support Graham Healy
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Direct Transfer to:
Senate Candidate Graham Healy
Nab BSB 084-263
Account 70-038-5554

Receipts Issued on request via email
Go to contact page 
(not tax deductible)
see Notes below GH

2) pay here >>>

3) receipts >>>

Please Tag Donations:
also pay pal will give me your address and name and details.(which will be all held in complete confidence.)
NOW IF I GET ELECTED INTO THE SENATE I WILL REFUND ALL DONATIONS BACK TO THOSE WHO SUPPORTED ME within the first few months and I will keep you informed via email and mobile sms personally of progress and keep you on my 'inner circle' supporters list and sincerely thank you for showing confidence in me .
Currently I am studying as a student at University as a Dr of Chiropractic (Clinical/med science) and Ausstudy is just survival money at the moment so any donations will help relieve financial stresses , of course when I get Elected the Senators Salary will be more then enough to move forward and continue the fight to 'Rebuild Australia to its God given potential'
I will keep a list of all donations on a list for my reference purposes and issue a (non tax deductible) receipt if required .
Believe me 2022 Fed Election is critical in the Future of Australia and I have decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT rather then just 'talk about it' and as far as I can see the balance of power in the Australian SENATE will be the key to securing the Future.

yours faithfully,

Graham Healy.      


Please sign above and email

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