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Rise Up Australia Party can give you a real solution to our energy crisis! Do you want to know more?

Australia has around 25% of the world thorium resources, yet hardly anyone on the street knows what it is, or how it can be utilized and ultimately save us billions of dollars. We have a natural resource that is never going to run out and we are literally ‘tramping it under foot.’

Rise Up Australia Party’s (RUAP) places thorium energy for Australia on the table as one of the energy solutions in our arsenal.  … Due to its inexpensive and clean provision of energy, Australia could lead the world in providing the cleanest and most economical source of energy for its citizens.

Charles Stevens is an inventor and CEO of Laser Power Systems.(USA) He States; “1 gram of thorium produces the equivalent of 7,500 gallons of gasoline. So, if you fit the thorium engine with 8 grams of thorium, it will run the vehicle for its entire lifetime without needing to be refuelled while all the time not producing any emissions. The engine lasts so long in fact, that it could be taken from one vehicle and used in another as and when they wear out.” (2)

How about it, Clive? Didn’t you know about this? Hmmmmm!

Ok then, what is Thorium? And how can we use it as energy?

The Mineral was discovered in 1828 by the Swedish chemist and mineralogist Jakob Berzelius. It is a naturally-occurring radioactive element upon the surface of the earth which can be used as alternative sources of fuel, and for generating electricity. … A thorium-based fuel is less accident prone and is more energy efficient than other conventional fuel sources.

  • unlike natural uranium, its energy content can be used almost in its entirety, and

  • thorium ore minerals are abundantly available in Australia.

Thorium is found in the earth’s upper crust and is about three times more abundant than uranium. The main source of thorium is the mineral monazite, a phosphate mineral. which contains around 10 per cent thorium.  There are other minerals containing thorium including but not limited to thorianite which contains around 70 per cent thorium dioxide.

Geoscience Australia estimates that Australia’s monazite resources amount to 5.2 million tonnes. At an estimated average thorium content of 7 per cent, this is around 364 000 tonnes. Geoscience Australia also notes that Nolans Bore, near Alice Springs, contain 60 600 tonnes of thorium dioxide and Toongi, near Dubbo in New South Wales contains about 35 000 tonnes of thorium. Therefore, an estimate of Australia’s total identified thorium resources is 452 300 tonnes. Geoscience Australia estimates that thorium is extractable at less than US$80 per kilogram. Australian thorium resources are therefore significant on a world scale.                Other countries with thorium resources include, but are not limited to India, Norway, the USA China and Canada.

Thorium can be used in batteries: Use Batteries and save on infrastructure!

“In 2004, Thorium plasma batteries made their debut as compact portable devices that could provide reliable power for 3-7 years, non-stop, without a recharge. Three inventors came up with 3 different but similar designs and all three worked flawlessly – providing a green alternate energy source with no adverse safety or environmental concerns”.

Because these batteries could be manufactured in various sizes, they were suitable for powering the following and much more:  Laptops and PCs, electric bicycles & scooters, cars, trucks and Ships, just to mention a few. In fact a thorium plasma batterie the size of a shoebox could power a 5 bedroom house and every appliance in it for at least 3 years.

Our Government recognises thorium but says …  “There are, however, some technical issues to be resolved before thorium can be considered as a fuel for Australia’s future. If these technical issues can be resolved, residual environmental concerns of mining, handling and storage of radioactive materials will still make the decision to use any thorium-based fuel cycle a political one.’

Of course, they would say that!! And why?  Because what is efficient safe and economical for this generation and that of our grandchildren would be a serious threat to the wealth pool of many of the so call elite, and important people of this nation  –  primarily the oil and mining companies, electricity companies and politicians.

RUAP believes that our energy systems are becoming non-viable, obsolete, inefficient and costly. We need to start now (as we have the technology) and invest in building a new energy system that can work alongside what we already have.                                                                                                                                             Thorium is safe, easy to work with, plentiful and so cheap that it would be considered almost free to the consumer. It can be used for just about anything and because it could be available in battery power, would makes it accessible and convenient.

Thorium condensed to the size of a ball bearing can supply your personal energy needs for life for approximately $100. Check out link below.


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