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Sharia Law what is It ?

The presenter in this video was a Muslim for 50 years and lived in near Mecca in Iran before moving to USA  

The reality is that moderate Muslims are a small minority out of the 1.6 billion muslims the presenter is from Cairo Egypt.


  • Sharia Law  belongs within the Islamic Culture which is all Culture Religion and Law – They do not separate one from the other!

  • No wearing of western clothing.

  • Women must wear the hijab.

  • No drinking of alcohol.

  • No socializing between single/ unmarried men and women in public.

  • A Woman’s testimony will be deemed only half the worth of a man at the most.

  • Female genital mutilation is practiced.

  • The death penalty will be introduced.

  • Public stoning to death as a punishment for breaking of laws such as unfaithfulness in marriage.

  • Public lashings for menial offences.

  • And so much more! 

 In short:

  • No equal rights.

  • No freedom of thought or religion.

  • Western culture forbidden.

  • United Nations Human Rights Laws will not be observed.

21st Centry Culture Wars Daniel Nallia.j

You can Purchase this book to learn more about the danger of Islamic Culture and the Quran (Click above)

Islam the Trogan Horse

BILL WARNER, Ph.D. is a highly respected expert on political Islam. In 2006, he founded the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI) to further the study of the politics of the ideology of Islam and its ramifications for Western Civilization. Warner defines political Islam as that part of Islamic doctrine which concerns the non-Muslim.

Warner is the author of fifteen books, including the Amazon bestseller, Sharia Law for Non-Muslims, which is published in 20 languages. His Simple Koran is the first Koran that can be easily understood by integrating Mohammed’s life into the Koran verses. This method gives a context to the book which makes the meaning transparent. All his books are concise and easy to understand.

Warner has published numerous articles on the topic of Political Islam and is a prolific video blogger with over 150 videos dedicated to commentary and education on this subject. His video, “Why We Are Afraid”, has over four million views.

Brigitte Gabriel

Brigitte Gabriel is one of the leading terrorism experts in the world providing information and analysis on the rise of global Islamic terrorism. She lectures nationally and internationally about terrorism and current affairs. Her expertise is sought after by world and business leaders.

She has addressed the United Nations, Australian Prime Minister, members of The British Parliament/House of Commons, members of the United States Congress, The Pentagon, The Joint Forces Staff College, The US Special Operations Command, The US Asymmetric Warfare group, the FBI, and many others.

Crash course : All about ISLAM in 5 minutes by Brigette Gabriel 

Why does Rise Up Australia Party say 'NO' to ‘Multiculturalism’ but 'YES' to Multi-ethnicity?

 There is a difference between Multi-culturalism and Multi-ethnicity.

Ethnicity is one’s heritage and country of birth, of which Australia is rich in varied migrant heritages.

However, a country’s culture refers to its vision, way of life, customs, ideologies, directions, tolerances and constitutional laws.

In many instances different cultures conflict with each other.


Unlike many cultures, Australian culture values equality between men and women.

Australian culture does not tolerate corruption at any level.

Australian culture holds its leaders to high account.

Australian culture expects justice and fairness.
Australia has its own laws and constitution and expects all Australian citizens to abide by the constitution and rule of law  
any other culture that sets up its own laws within the constitutional law of the land (in this case Australia)

is really committing treason against the host country .
Unfortunately Islam is committed to do just this through Sharia Law and the dictates of the Quran that undermines the host country .
(refer 21st century Culture war in the West by Daniel Nalliah)

Islam is  self destructive to any western society as proved all over the world 
especially in the News Lately 2018 Europe, France, Germany and London UK and other parts of the world.
(read the article above by clicking the Trogan Horse)

If Muslim people (or any other culture as there is much persecution around the world especially the Jews and Christians) priority must be given to people who are the genuinely persecuted and not the culture doing the persecuting in the first place.

People who are genuinely fleeing persecution then they must accept the Australia Culture, constitution and rule of Law, not try to set up a completely opposite set of laws (sharia Law as dictated to by the Quran) within Australia to undermine the host country .
This is self-destructive and counterproductive to the national peace and harmony, as verified in any comparable parts of the world

as mentioned above.
People can practice their religion(freedom of religion) as long as that religion does not: 

counter-act the constitution and Law of the host country   
does not promote or condone or participate in any acts of terrorism at home or abroad 
Integrates harmoniously into the Culture and laws  of Host Country 
Does not create 'enclaves' or 'no go' zones within the community
(this already exists in parts of Sydney)

Immigrants to Australia must appreciate the Host country and accept the constitutional rule of law of the Land
and contribute in a positive and constructive way.  
If that is not acceptable, as detailed above, then 'return to sender' should be stamped of the passport.
Security of Australian boarders and careful immigration screening with all of the above in mind is a priority for Rise up Australia party.

at the End of the Day 

Australia is still a Judaeo-Christian nation which celebrates the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As Christians we love all people but this prime basic act of kindness must be reciprocal not destructive.

Australia will go to war when required, and remembers the fallen.

Black and White Mosque

84.5% of mosques in USA teach violence-positive texts.

Unfortunately, the building of mosques gives a meeting place to expound on the negative verses of the Quran as detailed in the book by Daniel Nalliah "The 21st Century Culture war in the West" ,there are 150 verses in the Quaran calling to Jihad or (so called holy war), basically calling for "death to Infidels,Jews and Christians" as cited in these verses of the Quran.
Fundamental Islam does not separate their Ideology/religion from Government , in fact Fundamental Islam is their (Islam/Muslims) Government body and they do not recognize any other (especially in western democracies).
This is a real issue in a western democracy because fundamental Islam is not democratic and has never been, nor will ever be.
This is why fundamental Islam sets up enclaves and caliphates within western countries, so like Trojan horses Fundamental Islam sets about undermining the western law and order and constitution by replacing it with Shariah  Law a barbaric system of medieval proportions in the chopping off of heads and limbs, 40 lashes and so on (see above articles).
What goes on in a Mosque? 

  • its is not just a place of worship

  •  a church

  • a community center ,

  • or a Muslim 'men's Shed"

  • point out location of Mecca

  • Represent the home of their Prophet Mohammad

  • Represent Superiority (their architecture contains in its design the dome of heaven)

  • Fundamental Islam believes they are above all religions .Supremacy !

  • separate Men from family 

  • Built big enough to house all the men of the community only 

  • a place were all men come to Friday prayers 

  • Friday Prayers

  • the learn jihad (refer above article)

  • Schools-using some required education but heavily focused on teaching Fundamental Islam

  • to educate Children in the way of Islam,the religion,the ideology/superiority,to hate and separate from all non Muslims (according to the Quran) and to teach Sharia Law

  • House a funeral parlor and mortuary

  • Sharia Courts where they administer their own laws ABOVE THE LAW & CONSTITUTION OF THE LAND (HOST COUNTRY)

  • in many cases to store ammunition,although this is always denied,they have been caught out numerous times.

  • Women may enter a Mosque ,but this is conditional . 

What you have to realize is that Fundamental Islam is a totalitarian 'death cult ' the Quran clearly states death to
infidels, Jews and Christians (basically all those outside the Cult, and death to any Muslim who leaves the 'Death Cult' ).
There is no such thing as 'Free Will' or 'Freedom of Choice' the dictates of fundamental Islam  is total control and will determine what you do, what you think, how you think, and to re-enforce this with the barbaric bondage of sharia law .
There is no argument that fundamental Islam controls by 'fear of death', intimidation and terrorism  world wide.
How any western society could even imaging in their wildest dreams that fundamental Islam could in any way
'fit harmoniously'  into western democratic society would be living in serious denial.

In Australia we have been somewhat isolated as an Island nation from the spread of fundamental Islam, however with politicians importing fundamental Islam in a uncontrolled third world/middle eastern immigration program has had a very negative effect on Australian society, in the form of several terrorism attacks already, 400 potential jihadists on the Federal police watch list
(that we know of) . The Bottom line is that the Root cause of fundamental Islamic terrorism is motivated by the book that is
studied in these Mosques (the Qaran) and if taken literally or 'fundamentally' this motivates the potential terrorist  to murder innocent people, because the book the terrorist is reading tells him to do exactly that in 150 different verses .
Recently in Australia a Supreme court judge , in sentencing two potential jihadists in Sydney , suggested to the Muslim community that they publicly ignore the 'call to violence' written in the Quaran .
Of course that was met with the normal response from the Islamic community 


Direct Quote from Justice Des Fagan Australian Supreme court Judge:
Australian Muslims should publicly disavow "belligerent" verses of the Koran to weaken the moral conviction terrorists say the holy book gives them, a judge has said while jailing two Sydney terror-plotters.

"Terrorists' reliance on verses of the Koran to support an Islamic duty of religious violence has been seen with more or less clarity in a number of NSW and Victorian cases,"

Justice Des Fagan said in the NSW Supreme Court on Thursday.

 Scales of Justice

Australia Spy agency boss Duncan Lewis
says there is no reason to dramatically refocus intelligence gathering on right-wing extremism in Australia, despite growing concerns in the wake of the mass shooting in Christchurch allegedly perpetrated by a white supremacist Australian.

Mr Lewis - the director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation
- said the threat of right-wing extremism was real but should be put in perspective against the record of Islamist terrorist activity in Australia since 2014.

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