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Army Soldiers

1.THE ENEMY Num one 

2. Corruption in the Australian Federal and State Governments 

3. Corruption Health bureaucracies 

including TGA, AHPRA  etc 

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This page I will list legal guidelines (Strategies) to FIGHT BACK !

We have now moved to the phase of Legalities to fight the lawlessness of both federal and state governments 
who are in direct disobedience to the Australian constitution 

complete reformation of the political system at the May 2022 election is in order  and a forthcoming Royal Commission into crimes against humanity
will be the outcome .
Many of these criminal bureaucrats will recieve long jail sentences . 

  2. Craig Kelly becomes PM in house of Reps
  3. Independent mix of Senators in upper house
    Graham Healy is an INDEPENDANT 
    Advocate however will vote for
    Craig Kelly as PM  
  4. retrospective legislation implemented to bring forward the Royal Commission into crimes against humanity 
  5. Tribunals held all over Australia 
  6. Start building the bradfield irrigation scheme.
  7. disconnect Australia for all UN agreements
  8. Resoverntize Australia
  9. Turn Australia around from cash flow negative to cash flow positive .
GH -Pic 17 may 21.jpg

Graham Healy 
former lead Senate candidate for Rise Up Australia 2019 
Now Senate applicant United Australia Party for the May 2022 Federal Election 
more on
Graham's Bio here 
Graham has spent 5 years studying Med-Science including medical research subjects 
his next line of study will be Juris Doctor in Constitutional Law 


   I am creating a PDF file on this page that will basically be a directory & reference to: 

  1. Correct scientific data written by REAL SCIENTISTS & Doctors on the front line 

    Even though the Australian constitution and federal law overrides state mandates (which are not statute Laws)
    Scott Morrison has DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO PROTECT THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE (Morrison is part of it )


  3. At the May 2022 FEDERAL ELECTION we have to GET RID OF LIBERALS, LABOUR & GREENS then the same fate awaits the State Governments . .
    Australia has degenerated into a tyrannical communist state in 2 short years and this MUST BE REVERSED 

    Disclaimer : this is not legal or medical advise but simply guidelines to qualified reference points written by those who are qualified in the various areas of interest Graham Healy's opinions and statements while based on correct science with appropriate references are entirely his own and I am not advising you to act on any of the information supplied .
    What I suggest is that you do your own research and listen to your "inner voice" and ask is this morally right or wrong ? 
    Then act on INFORMED ADVISE not misinformed guess work or heresy .
    Graham Healy the author of the "Healy report" bases his framework in the collective collaboration of various real world experts medical, legal and constitutional then with all the data , I form an opinion on a particular Focal point .
    My Gifting is the ability to "PUT IT ALL-TOGETHER "