Purge your mind of the non-science, no evidence from the propaganda
Machine created by the Australian corrupt Government & Un-Health Bureaucrats   who are simply "sock puppets' for BIG PHARMA (Pfizer) et al.

Upcoming Events

  • Zoom Q & A with Senate Candidate Graham Healy
    20 Mar, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm AEST
    on line event
    Graham Healy will Explain the Covid Disproportionate response and how to change Government to ensure the bureaucrats *The completely Disproportionate response *Lawless overreach *not a pandemic a plan-demic or scam-demic *the solution and the consequences *Royal Commission Crimes to Humanity
  • INTERVIEW WITH SA Cattle Man and Farmer Peter Manuel founder of  FLAG AUSTRALIA(No Farms No Food) (2)
    08 Mar, 2:00 pm – 09 Mar, 3:00 pm
    2pm QLD TIME 2.30pm SA TIME