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References and REAL News 

The best way to Educate people is to accurately

unfortunately, politicians are in the habit of lying to the public with misinformation, fake news, and propergander.
is a fundamental Democratic right and censoring freedom of speech is what communist and totalitarian dictatorships do

as a way of totally dominating and controlling the minds of the people.
You see communist China in their 're-education camps'
Fundamental Islam 
does its 're-education camps and recruitment in the local Mosque
which is a common connection with fundamental Islamic terrorists 
which is understandable as Fundamental Islam states this in 150 verses in the Quaran 
So the book they read commands in summery "death to Infidels, Jews and Christians"
and why is the West surprised ?
They shouldn't be ?   
 read "THE 21st Century Culture war in the West " by Daniel Nalliah 
and use it as a reference book .

21st Centry Culture Wars Daniel Nallia.j

Today in Australia and the west a policy of being 'politically correct' which is just another phrase for the same
MIND CONTROL that the above Communists and Dictatorships like fundamental Islam use on their followers.
basically its the old 'SIT DOWN SHUT UP and DO WHAT YOUR TOLD' you have no individual 'rights' no 'individual freedom' or 'freedom of speech or freedom of thought'