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Further background About Graham Healy 

Graham Healy Lead senate Candidate.

Graham Healy comes from a pioneering Queensland family , on his mothers side sugar cane farmers in north Queensland Innisfail mena creek area , where his Grandfather 'Nugget' Koppen pioneered his Sugar cane farm and sold a portion of his land to Joe Paronella where the famous paronella park exists to this day . Graham spent his childhood growing up visiting his Grandfather Sugar cane farm every holidays .On my fathers side Bert Healy senior was a Professional Boxing coach and race horse trainer, Dad (Bert Healy Jnr. ) was Queensland featherweight boxing champ 1948. Dad was a Boxing and gymnastics coach and an active member of Roary and other charitable organizations . 

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Graham's other childhood holidays was spent in his Grandfathers Boxing Gym at Gordonvale near Cairns where we would do boxing training and then ride the horses along the beautiful mulgrave river swimming in the fresh water .
What a life growing up I had , I loved my Grandparents dearly and learned so much from both of them as well as my beloved parents who were hard working Australians. Dad was originally a saddler then a upholsterer and ran a motor trimming business in Innisfail. Mum (Dot Healy) worked at a chemist as a shop assistant . Both mum and dad worked hard all their life to provide for the four boys ,Keith,Brett and Glenn and of course myself Graham.
Graham followed in the footsteps of his father becoming the sparing partner of many pro and amateur boxing champs in Gordonvale and later in Townsville at NFC (National Fitness Club) and Reggie Kirkham's Boxing Gym(most Qld champs trained there at Reggie Kirkhams).

Graham had a few amateur fights but thousands of rounds of sparring,however he  was mainly interested in the training,coaching and self defense aspect of boxing.(as he does to this day)
After his boxing days he joined Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do in the 1970's just after the Bruce Lee movies came out.
Graham spend 15 years with 2 Korean TKD Masters and became an international Instructor and now holds a 8th dan in martial arts and still trains to this day at 63 years young.(see martial arts history here: )
1976 Graham competed as an Olympic weightlifter at the Queensland Titles as a middle heavyweight,coached by famous Olympian Nevel Perry (Rome and Mexoico Games) after that he returned to boxing for a while and then martial arts.
Graham has been a competitive swimmer,played rugby league,as well as a keen runner/sprinter and stair runner.(just like the rocky movies) in fact Graham conducted stair runs in group training far before stair running became popular.

Graham is a Master personal trainer with diplomas in sports coaching (specializing in martial arts ) and Fitness (specializing in lower back care),he is also a qualified TAFE teacher,and as mentioned above a 8th dan in Martial Arts .
Currently he is studying a bachelors degree in clinical/medical Science as CQU  (Dr. of Chiropractic) and that will be followed by a Masters in Chiropractic. This gives Graham 'extra depth' combined with his 50 years of practical experience to bring a lifetime of experience together both in practical and theory applications.

Small Business & employment  Background

Graham originally started as a cadet surveyor for NEA (northern electric authority) moved to a private firm then changed direction and spent 10 years in the Airlines (TAA) Trans Australia Airlines (Townsville)North Queenland, then progressed into small business partnerships.
He owned in partnerships in news agencies,post offices & bank agencies,Fruit market, owned a milk run (sold out just before deregulation hit ) and then culminated in owning his own health center Healys Health and Fitness in Townsville (1988-1993) with over 2,000 members (including 100 martial arts students), he later moved to Brisbane and continued in small business , personal training and various other business enterprises while upgrading his education continuously.   
Graham has a broad spectrum of 'real life experience' in the 'pressure cooker' of the small business environment.

Political view 

Graham has a fiercely Independent spirit and his history and life journey details this, perhaps it is the same pioneering independent spirit his both sets of grandparents had as well as his hard working 'Auzzie battlers' parents Bert and Dot Healy forged into Graham as a young man (now 63 years young this year 2018).
In the Airlines Graham was a labour man, during the Bob Hawke era and held the position of Clerks Union steward for the federated clerks union (at 21 years of age) under Les Hauff the Union secretary. Graham always had a sense of justice and Integrity and fair-mindedness in how employees were treated ,and those days you had the militant TWU (transport workers unions) to deal with as well. Graham was involved in many negotiations with unions, Airline management and members over the years.
In the John Howard years Graham voted Liberal, however after John Howard I voted Independent, as  He watched the two major parties slip away from their 'roots' and become totally incompetent, bureaucratic and unaccountable to the people not representing the view of the 'majority' but 'minorities' seemed to be writing the National policies ?  In his view Australia has progressively slipped down hill over the last 30 years Politically, Financially and Morally/spiritually .

NOW leading into 2019 WE ARE AT CRISIS POINT
and a massive STOP-RESET is required on all of the above to reset the course of Australian into a prosperous future rather then DEBT SLAVERY .(continuing on before we get side tracked)  
However, that political view changed(as detailed above) as Graham ventured into small business operations and the so called 'security'  of 'semi government' employment in the airlines , into small business where the 'rubber hit the road' and how you 'treat and service customers' directly impacts you personally and the business, in fact the key element he found was long term relationship building as the KEY factor for success, in small business you do not have a 'fire wall' of bureaucracy to hide behind, you at the 'coal face' 
However the political system was against the small business person (and it still is in fact worse) now in 2018.
95% of business is small to medium business and employs most of Australia, however the 5% multinational corporations (who do not pay company tax in Australia, 36 % according to official ATO figures ) call the shots politically and at this point in time Globalism rules to the detriment of every Australia citizen as we plunge into uncontrolled increasing National DEBT. 

(example Apple (I phone) avoids 40 billion in tax)  the multinationals 'racketeer' the system not paying any taxes on  profits in the country where they sell the goods, there is a long list of these 'true national welfare recipients' and every day Australians are footing the bill and that is why Australia in over 7 trillion in total debt (and it does not have to be) a law could be passed 'tomorrow' in the Senate to force multinationals to pay tax on goods sold in Australia which would solve Government deficits 'overnight'. (see RUAP Financial/Economic  Policy) 
Graham was also involved with Dick Smith in 'buying back Australia ' from multinational corporate control etc , his best mate Bryan Best (now with the Lord) was involved in many projects including ABBA Australians buying back Australia etc.
20 years ago we saw what was happening to Australia back then with the selling off of National assets and the implementation of a NWO (New world Order agenda) and UN agendas, and insane 'so called' immigration/invasion, all designed to BREAK DOWN EACH COUNTRIES SOVEREIGNTY INCLUDING AUSTRALIA 'she'll be right mate' ? now its 'it's broken down mate'.
Basically from the Whitam /Hawke era right through to today 2018 its been a rapid down hill slide now Australia is in serious Debt of 7 trillion in total (refer Australian debt clock .com) and both sides of Government have sold off or given away practically all of our primary industries and manufacturing is gone, we have sold off so much of Australia to China and other foreign  entities . Importing non compatible religions like ISLAM into the western world is a problem within itself .
No where else in the world is ISLAM happy ?  suddenly Australia is going to be any different ? ITS NOT !
The terrorism seeded within Fundamental Islam speaks for Itself in what has already taken place in Australia now happening  frequently. 

Albert Einstein.jpg

The SYSTEM IS BROKEN and clearly isn't working and just like Albert Einstein said:
"the definition of insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over again expecting a different result"     
and that's Exactly what we have been doing over the last 30 years in Australia ITS TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!       


Spiritual View 
Graham is a born again Christian and was converted over 40 years ago. he has a registered charity/ministry and is a qualified minister with an honorary doctorate in divinity so is entitled to the title reverend Doctor.(although prefers not to use that title)
However in the same breath Graham is a very practical style of Christian who wants to see Faith by action not 'just talk' or religion, he has been on ministry trips to Fiji as well as organized apostolic Churches and Ministries from Nigeria Africa and Malaysia over the years .
Practical application of the "Love your neighbor" commandment is represented in relationship building with people and its outworking is a transformed character and attitude in the individual to the family and expands to the whole nation.
Graham does not believe in 'passive Christianity' but 'active Christianity' getting involved in business and politics to make a difference for the overall good of the community ,we are a democracy and freedom of speech and religion is critical to state 'your case' and the individual can make a 'free will choice' from there, that's how democracy works YOU HAVE A CHOICE !
At the end of the day most of our values and principles are derived from the 10 commandments in fact most of western law is written on using the Bible as the constitutional base nothing has changed in the last 2,000 years Right is still Right and Wrong is still Wrong and there are consequences for every decision you make in life, personally and as a nation.
Leading up to 2018 Australia has made some bad decisions morally and politically and  there are consequences coming.
Graham's spiritual gifting is in Business and Prophecy (seeing future events)
RISE UP AUSTRALIA PARTY AIMS AT MAKING A DIFFERENCE under the Leadership of Daniel Nalliah is  the prime reason  why I joined RUAP to link up with a man of conviction and similar principals and beliefs as prime importance.

Overview and FUTURE VISION. 
where to from here ? Australia is in a mess ! I repeat Albert Einsteins statement :
"the definition of insanity is doing the same stupid thing over and over again expecting a different result" 
and that's exactly what Australia is doing for the last 30 years , I have made a study of this on my web site  where I have laughed at the stupidity (in my lampoons) and cried at the seriousness of where we are going globally financially and spiritually and politically.
Daniel Nalliah I saw on TV many years ago and thought what 'Guts' he had to stand up for what is right and he himself being an immigrant from Sri lanka coming from a war torn country and then working in Saudi Arabia  before migrating to Australia 20 years ago .Daniel Nalliah is a prime example of a successful immigration policy and he becoming Australian under Australian constitutional Law(and culture) with a different ethnic background . bottom line 'contributing' to Australia as did the Chinese,Vietnamese,Italians,Greeks , Irish ,English and European immigrants to this country and with all due respect to the Aboriginal 'first Australians'  place in our history. This is how Australia was created.

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